Rights Groups Petition United Nations to Take Action to End Organ Harvesting in China

BY EPOCH TIMES During the 29th Human Rights Council session in Geneva, on June 15, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein pledged to defend the world’s downtrodden and disenfranchised “without fear or favor” regardless of the victim or perpetrator’s identity and credentials. And on Monday, four leading international rights groups…

Petition Urging Coroner to Perform Inquest Into Dead Bodies

By Maria Matyiku Petitioning Death Investigation Oversight Council DIOC, Toronto. Urge coroner to perform inquest into controversial dead bodies show in niagara falls. “Bodies Revealed” now showing in Niagara Falls displays dead, skinned human bodies in different poses. Mounting evidence suggests these people may have been murdered by Chinese police and then sold to companies for display.…

Unbelievable! Over 2,500 Signatures from a City in China!

Between February and June 2014, 2,595 people in Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province, and surrounding areas signed a petition denouncing these crimes, and demanding that the organ harvesting be stopped.

One woman was enraged after hearing about the atrocity, “The CCP is killing people! Who wouldn’t sign the petition to stop it? I am signing it!” She also brought 14 of her relatives to sign the petition.

A government employee was angry after seeing a picture depicting the live organ harvesting, “I can’t believe that in a country that boasts itself as a ‘socialist spiritual civilization’ and ‘harmonious society,’ such inhumane crimes can be happening. Anyone with a conscience should ask for justice. I am signing the petition.”

A person visiting from a nearby county said as he signed, “The Party is so evil. It ruined my whole life. During the ‘land reform,’ my family was put in the ‘rich peasant’ category and has suffered ever since.”

The lady who brought 14 relatives to sign the petition was very happy. Her sister-in-law had had cirrhosis and stomach bleeding. She frequently went to hospitals and had just had surgery in Beijing.