Prevention and Cure – by David Matas

Combating organ transplant Abuse in China: New Developments

(Remarks prepared for a forum in Taipei, Taiwan, 28 February 2013)
David Matas

I. Introduction
The bulk of organs for transplants in China come from prisoners of conscience, predominantly practitioners of the spiritually based set of exercises Falun Gong. That was the conclusion of research in reports published in June 2006, January 2007, and in the book Bloody Harvest, November 2009 all of which I co-authored with David Kilgour and in the book State Organs August 2012 I co-edited with Torsten Trey.

One reason, amongst many, that David Kilgour and I came to the conclusion we did is that the precautions which should be in place to prevent the abuse were not in place. After the first version of our report, we launched on a global advocacy campaign to attempt to end the abuse we had identified. The book State Organs is a reflection and continuation of that campaign by joining together professionals from around the world, each making their own contribution to the ongoing effort.

Since the release of the first version of our report, more than six and a half years have passed. In the intervening period, much has changed, and not always for the better. This paper focuses on the changes both in China and abroad, the changes in China for better and worse and the changes abroad to attempt to prevent the abuse and to remedy the wrongs inflicted.