The Killing of Falun Gong for their Organs: Individual Cases – by David Matas

Revised remarks

William Pitt Union, University of Pittsburgh

28 March 2013

The conclusion that practitioners of the spiritually based set of exercises Falun Gong have been killed in large numbers for their organs relies on the confluence of a number of evidentiary trails. This evidence does not necessarily identify individual victims. Sometimes I am asked to do just that, to name names.

This request may be made out of scepticism. When I say that tens of thousands of practitioners of Falun Gong have been killed for their organs, sometimes I get the retort, name one.

Alternatively, the request to identify individual cases is made because activism around an individual case may be easier than advocacy around a general phenomenon. It is harder for the Government of China to skate round an inquiry when it is pointed, when we tell them of the name of the victim, the date of the victimization and the place where it occurred.